Documentary Film – OVERTAKEN

If there is a war on drugs then Jodi Barber and Christine Brant are on the front lines doing battle in their community. These two moms have accomplished their goal of making a short length documentary featuring the struggles of addiction through the lives of young adults. Jodi’s son Jarrod died from an overdose of a prescription drug she had never heard of until the night he died. His peers had heard of it though, and within weeks more young lives were gone and many more kids were left to battle addiction. Realizing that accidental death from overdosing was an epidemic, not just in their suburban community but across the U.S., they decided to make a documentary to show at school assemblies and youth groups. This documentary features the battle of addiction as told by those whose lives were overtaken by drugs. You will understand the struggle these brave young people take on each day to stay alive. The goal of this documentary is to save lives by educating our youth on the truth about addiction and the deadly consequences drugs often have. Approved by school district superintendents across the country and featuring specialists in the fields of medicine and addiction, this film delivers accurate and up to date information on the type of drugs infiltrating our communities and how to help our youth avoid them. For more information or to make a donation please contact Ashley Media Productions.

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