Product Videos

One product video can sell a product or service better than 1000 words or 100 photos.
Amazon, the largest online marketplace, knows this and is now allowing it’s retailers the ability to use product videos to sell their wares. The others will undoubtedly follow soon.

We have been producing product videos for decades but we have recently streamlined our process to make our product video production service widely available and more affordable for product merchants all across the country.

The bottomline for many entrepreneurs we have worked with is price. Everyone wants a quality, effective professional video but some folks struggle with the cost between hiring a professional and having a teen who has taken a video class do the job. While you get what you pay for, there is a little word we like; value. We are happy to offer our proven, professional expertise at a price almost every product seller can afford. Starting at just $1000, contact us and we will give you a custom price quote for a product video designed just for you.

In addition to our other creative video projects check out some product videos that we have produced.

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